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In Fustcom for hotels, a human team of creative experts in hotels with more than 50 years experience develops and improves the spaces of your establishment.

We will present ideas and products to make you stand out above the competition planning, producing, and designing any phase of the renovation work (rooms, halls, reception areas, restaurant, etc.) or even take full responsibility for the project. A tool that offers you all types of possibilities for the decoration of your hotel; a global solution in
carpentry, custom-designed furniture, study of technical details, decoration with photo murals, signing, terrace furniture, pictures, corporate image, web, etc. Practical, functional long-lasting designs that are unique and adapted to each customer and project.

Tell us your needs, we will listen to you and design a unique project to suit your specific needs.

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A new way
to understand relaxation
in hotels

Jeuaki is not a collection of seasonal furniture. Jeuaki is a system of modular parts that enable creating your own space. We provide the parts, you add the imagination.

Jeuaki is not a collection of seasonal furniture but a new way of understanding relaxation. Jeuaki is a system of modular parts that enable creating your own space. A carefully calculated and meticulous hand-crafted manufacturing process has enabled us to develop an intuitive assembly process with infinite possibilities.

We provide the parts, you add the imagination.

Jeuaki is created from movement; from constant change; from the need to continue working to improve. Jeuaki is an
item of furniture that comes alive. Unlike an interior space, open spaces are exposed to constant changes in light, noise, humidity, heat, wind and other many elements that could alter their ideal condition. For Jeuaki we studied and assessed each of these factors so that Jeuaki adapts to changes in the simplest and most natural way possible.
For more than 50 years Fustcom has seen how the effect of moisture on hotel bathroom doors was an endemic problem, for this reason the Fustcom design team created the stainless steel baseboard, simple and elegant protection for doors. This protection can be installed on new doors or older doors that are already damaged.
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